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Don't Just Flip the Switch, Your Hot Tub Needs to be Winterized

How to Shut Down Your Hot Tub For the Winter~Advance Warning if You’re Leaving for Florida

Staying in New Jersey for the Winter? STOP! Don’t shut your hot tub down. Winter hot tubbing is the best experience.

Snowbird leaving for the sun? Lucky you! Paying a little attention to your hot tub before you leave will guarantee it’s ready for start-up in the spring. We know that you’ll be looking forward to coming home and soaking in your PDC spa.

Here are some tips from our service center on what to do to winterize your spa. Take these steps to avoid a frozen hot tub that will be costly to fix.

1. Check your Owners’ Manual first.Follow the instructions in your Owners’ Manual for draining. Call our Service Center 10-4 Tuesday - Saturday (732)747-3185.

2. Drain Caps. Do not replace the drain caps after draining. You’ll want any remaining moisture in the plumbing lines to evaporate.

3. Filters. Clean the filters and leave them in a dry space over the winter. Do not re-install in the tub. The damp will cause them to mildew and you’ll need new ones in the spring. We’d love to sell you new filters, but only when you need new ones-not for mildew.

4. Remove all water. Wet vacuum all water from the floor of the hot tub. With most Hot Spring Spa models this won’t take long. No wet/dry vac? You’ll have to bail the remaining water.

5. Clean! Give the shell a good cleaning. We use and recommend Wipeout for deep cleaning and shell preservation.

6. Cover. Clean the cover top and bottom. Use Natural Chemisty Clean & Perfect. Replace on hot tub. Do NOT put a plastic sheet over the hot tub & cover. If you do, the cover will mildew. Mildew is not a pleasant sight or odor!

7. Hire DeFalco's to do the job for you. If you’ve got too much on your mind and don’t want to do-it-yourself, call our Valet Crew. They’re pros who will do the job quickly and efficiently. For a one time winterization, they’ll drain and clean the hot tub. Clean the filters. Wet vacuum out the jets, drain and suction lines as well as the bottom of the spa so there’s no water left to freeze in the foot well. Your hot tub will sparkle.

SNOWBIRD SPECIAL: Save $50. on a complete winterization of your hot tub. No muss, no fuss and the peace of mind knowing your hot tub won’t freeze and it will be ready for clean water when you come home next spring. Only $199. Call the Service Center today: (732)747-3185.

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